Chipmunk Troubles

Sitting by a lake, sipping tea and reading a good book, to me, is nirvana, a perfect way to relax in the outdoors.  What isn’t so perfect is the addition of a very cute, very bold, pesky chipmunk.

What was that?

Remember my comment about getting away from civilization? And remember that caution sign at the portage indicating that we are entering black bear territory???

It was a cool night, actually it was barely above 0 degrees Celsius, and despite wearing fleece from head to toe, my summer sleeping bag was just not going to cut it at these temperatures. I pulled my hoodie over my toque and burrowed further into my bag. This is good, I thought, very cozy and then the quiet, black night was interrupted by a very loud, seemingly close, sharp BANG. From within the sleeping bag mound beside me a loud and somewhat muffled ” What the ***** was that?” My mind went straight to… BEARS! I realize sound travels great distances at night, over water, but that was close! It was definitely some sort of bear noisemaker deterrent and most likely the terrified bear was running through the woods toward our campsite at that very moment! What to do. I strained to hear if something was crashing though the forest but couldn’t hear over the thumping sound in my ears. I started planning our escape in my mind: get to the canoe, where are the paddles?, forget putting on my boots, no time; grab a flashlight. Wait, what was that? I stop and listen to a new noise. It is close, not very loud, but sounds like…snoring! As I was busy planning our great escape, my husband fell back to sleep, apparently confident the bear was long gone.

I woke in the morning still in my tent, the canoe safely on the shore.

Pretzels and beer dip

Who can resist a soft large pretzel? Apparently the Patio Girlz can’t. One of our bake together virtual patios included making pretzels together and then, of course sitting down and enjoying them ‘together’ with our beverage of choice.

Kathy and Tracey’s efforts definitely looked like they knew what they were doing as I am sure you can tell from the photos. I tried a few of the large pretzels and some pretzel minis coated in sugar-cinnamon topping that disappeared quickly. Clearly I need more practice!

The beer dip was a quick recipe to make and wasn’t a bad companion to the pretzels.

Birthday’s with a 6ft twist!

In our new social distancing world, birthday celebrations have taken on a new dimension. We Celebrated Patio Girlz Kathy’s birthday recently with a banner waving, horn honking drive by….

Our convoy of cars did pull in playing a blues version of Happy Birthday on the car stereo so we could dance on the lawn with our Birthday Patio Girlz.

To ensure we maintained the correct distancing, Kathy used her “COVID” Stick, kinda like a selfie-stick but 6 feet long!

Salute to Home Care/Long Term Care Workers

This is a salute to all those who care for our beloved elderly day after day regardless of what is happening in the world around them. COVID-19 has definitely shone a new light on the vulnerability of this segment of society but it has also demonstrated the resiliency, compassion and commitment of the many workers that reported to work in this new environment, donned critical PPE, implemented increasing restrictions on residents and tried to explain again and again why a resident had to stay in their rooms; to keep everyone safe.

One such person that I want to salute is Patio Girlz @Tracey Pope. Tracey brings empathy, compassion and humour to all in her care. Her positive disposition shines through even in these unprecedented COVID-19 times. Despite working long shifts day after day, she still found time to connect with her Patio Girlz, through one of our digital Friday patios over the last 3 months.

You are one of kind Tracey Pope, thank you for all you do!

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

Easter Buns and Bonnets

The Easter weekend is over and the Patio Girlz managed to celebrate in grand style during our virtual Friday patio.

What’s an Easter celebration without an Easter bonnet? Homemade flowers a few other decorations adored our hats creating a very festive patio.

On the menu this week was hot cross buns with our beverage of choice. Patio Girl Pat and I used my Aunt’s recipe as I fondly remember my family receiving these delicious buns each Easter from her. My Aunt turned 94 on Saturday and although I wasn’t able to share any with her, I think she was pleased I gave it a try. Kathy used a different recipe with great results.

And now for something LEMON

With last weeks online pizza making a success, the Patio Girlz moved on to dessert this week. On the menu? Lemon Pudding! Kathy sent out the recipe earlier in the week so we could confirm what ingredients we might need. In our new COVID reality, no one is running out to a grocery store without a long list of items to pick up. Thanks to Kathy, we all received fresh lemons delivered to our door in preparation for our Friday Patio.

Here is what we needed, gin and tonic optional.

Fridays and Patio Girlz just seem to go together and cooking together online brings its own fun! The results of this weeks Lemon Pudding baking lesson? Delicious!

So next Friday we are thinking about making appys . Not sure what yet..any suggestions? Until then, stay safe and find the fun in all you do.

Our new reality

With the global pandemic COVID-19 upon us and so many are trying to do our part to #flattenthecurve, the Patio Girlz have become creative. Today we embraced learning new technology (thanks to Kathy’s daughter Ruth) and made pizza dough together through facebooks’ messenger video app. Each in our own kitchen we measured, stirred, pounded the dough and happily spent time ‘together’. We shared a few pix over the afternoon of how BIG our dough balls were getting and soon we will be getting “together” to make our pizzas. This Patio Girl is ready…take a look!

Patio Girl down

May was a temperamental month with few opportunities for the Girlz to get together; however, we did manage to celebrate the birth of the Royal baby, Archie.

The celebration was somewhat marred by the absence of Kathy who choose to spend that particular Friday with the Porch Girls! Yes, you read that correctly, the Porch Girls and NOT the Patio Girls! (Let’s not talk about that!).

As I said, May was a temperamental month and unfortunately, Kathy fell and broke her ankle.  Thinking it was only a sprain she hobbled along for a few days before seeking out medical attention.  When she sent the photo of her leg in a cast, I knew the Patio Girlz were needed.  It was Friday after all, but more importantly, it was Kathy’s Birthday!  With her celebratory dinner plans squashed as she sat at home, leg  in cast, wondering when she would be able to go golfing next, the Patio Girlz arrived armed with birthday cheer!


In addition to her birthday present, she needed an extra large gin and tonic to cheer her up!!