The Girlz Head North

Fall in Ontario is spectacular and greatly anticipated as many eagerly head to look outs and drive country roads to view the colours. Hardwood trees with leaves of yellow, orange or red pop against the deep green needles of pines and cedars. The Patio Girlz headed north to Muskoka/Algonquin Park area armed with cell phone cameras and a full trunk of wine and food to enjoy four days exploring this beautiful region of Ontario.

First stop was the Dorset Lookout Tower located in the Township of Algonquin Highlands. The original tower was built in 1922 as a fire watch station. The tower standing today is 30 m high and was built in 1967 for visitors to enjoy the stunning view of the surrounding area.

Advanced and timed tickets are required to gain entry during autumn weekends, however, during the week, entry is on a first come basis. When we arrived the lower parking lot was full and we drove past a number of visitors walking up the hill to the Tower Park.

Although it was busy, Tracey and I headed for the base of the tower to climb the 30m. Climbing up was not a problem, navigating the steep metal see-through stairs to come down was a different story! The ‘both hands on the rails, shaking legs’ decent aside, it was well worth it to see the spectacular view from the top.

There are lots of options for accommodations; everything from sleeping on the ground in a tent to quaint roadside motels to luxurious lodges. We booked a beautiful cottage nestled on the shore of Lake of Bays.

In true Patio Girlz fashion, it wasn’t long before we gathered on the dock to enjoy G&T’s before Pat’s chicken curry dinner.

Food, Food, Food

If there is one certainty when the Patio Girlz are together, it is that there will always be more than enough food. We were well stocked for the week, each of us responsible for a meal or two, plus snacks and drinks! We dined on chicken curry, slow cooked brisket, a charcuterie board to beat all others, and picnicked on tuna sandwiches.

Huntsville also offered a diverse selection of dinning options and we settled on a restaurant called The Mill on Main for lunch enjoying wood fired pizza and a delicious mac and cheese.

A few of our favourite things

Exploring new places means we are on the look out for a few of our favourite things and this road trip was no different. Who doesn’t love to find a “treasure” when poking through Thrift shops, book stores, clothing stores, art galleries and craft markets.

Successful finds at Plum Loco (top) and by our Thrifting Queen, Tracey

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