Happy Birthday to Me!

(or, How I spent my day with other old things)

While planning our trip out west, I decided there was a place I really wanted to spend my road trip birthday, that being Dinosaur Provincial Park near Brooks, Alberta. The park is a Unesco World Heritage site, which consists of 75 square kilometres of hills, coulees, rills, and hoodoos. Who doesn’t enjoy a good rill on their birthday. And no, that should not say thrill!

Besides it stunning scenic beauty, the park is best known as dinosaur heaven. There are about thirty five different species of dinosaurs that are known to have existed within this park area. It is said you cannot walk far here without encountering a fossilized dinosaur bone. For those whose eyes are not that sharp, they do have a display of an actual in-situ dinosaur and another of a bone bed, which is an area where many dinosaurs perished at the same time due to rapid flooding or storms.

Centrosaurus bone bed and an in-situ dinosaur.

As we explored the fossil hunters trail,, an area where paleontological excavations took place in the early 20th century, I did manage to let my imagination see a dinosaur exposed on the ground surface. What do you think?

Do you see a dinosaur here?

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