Fish and Vegetable Market

Just south of Estoi is Olhao, a large fishing port in the Algarve, with a bustling fish and vegetable market. The first building we entered was two rows of seafood venders. What a sight!

I don’t have a clue how to prepare most of the seafood available

The second building we entered was full of vegetables and fruits. It appears that strawberries and raspberries are in season! We bought a pint of raspberries from a vendor and were surprised at how sweet they were. There really is something to be said about eating fresh food grown (or caught) close to home.

Mushrooms are huge, most the vegetables seemed larger.

Outside the two market buildings other vendors sold fruits, vegetables, various nuts, figs and grains.

After our market tour the hunt was on for a ‘catch of the day’ restaurant. We found many, but ended up in a Patrao Joaquin Lopes square, a short distance away from the busy market. From our table outside the restaurant we watched children and adults pose with a bronze statue of a mermaid. I enjoyed fresh sea bass (delivered to the table complete with head and tail) and Derek sampled the fried Hake. We were not disappointed.

Legend of Floripes

To complete our meanderings, we returned to the waterfront to walk the boardwalk and watch the world go by on a sunny warm Saturday. Bliss!

Olhao waterfront

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