First Stop: Tavira

Flashlight in hand, we marched out the door of the Pousada at 10:30 pm determined to conquer the navigation system in the rental car. Thanks to Google and YouTube the exercise to change the Portuguese voice into an English one was quite simple and left us wondering why we couldn’t figure it out the evening we arrived.

So, this morning we were ready to plug in our coordinates and spend the day exploring the charming town of Tavira located in the eastern Algarve. Tavira is not directly on the coast but straddles the Rio Gilao.

Tavira’s Rio Gilao and Roman bridge

According to the guidebook, Tavira was an important port due to its proximity to the Moroccan coast and served as a base for its many expeditions during the “Age of Discovery’. Romans and Moors all left their mark on the various castles, laneways, churches and settlement. Prominent in the history of development stories are two events: the 1645 plague and the 1755 earthquake.

The castelo ruin offers great views of the city and an interesting exotic garden.

Views from the castle
Within the castle walls

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