Patio Girlz are on the move

Most of us feel it. That frustration and pent up restlessness to get beyond the pandemic, to be able to get out, travel, and throw out those sweatpants you lived in for the past two years. Well, the Patio Girlz are no different and we are on the move.

Our first forays into a lingering pandemic world are with family, but we have booked a three day getaway in the fall. So, stay tuned for Girlz on the road (again).

In the mean time, this Patio Girl will be heading to Portugal after a two year wait. Departing and arriving in another county requires a new level of effort to meet the ever changing COVID requirements but it will be well worth it once my feet hit the sand in the Algarve.

One response to “Patio Girlz are on the move”

  1. Have fun on your trip uber Patio Girl! Bring me back some sand from Portugal for my sand trap….

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