And now for something LEMON

With last weeks online pizza making a success, the Patio Girlz moved on to dessert this week. On the menu? Lemon Pudding! Kathy sent out the recipe earlier in the week so we could confirm what ingredients we might need. In our new COVID reality, no one is running out to a grocery store without a long list of items to pick up. Thanks to Kathy, we all received fresh lemons delivered to our door in preparation for our Friday Patio.

Here is what we needed, gin and tonic optional.

Fridays and Patio Girlz just seem to go together and cooking together online brings its own fun! The results of this weeks Lemon Pudding baking lesson? Delicious!

So next Friday we are thinking about making appys . Not sure what yet..any suggestions? Until then, stay safe and find the fun in all you do.

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