The Patio is Open!

It’s official, Pat’s Patio is open for the season!

Unlike our delusional false start in March when the sun was shining and the temperature was almost at 10° C above zero, today was a perfect day for the patio.  

It was a full patio with all the Girlz and husbands present and accounted for!  Today we not only cheered the opening of Patio season, but also celebrated a milestone birthday for one of our Patio Husbands.  Pizza, cake and some blue coloured cocktail mixed by our very own Mixologist and Patio Girl, Pat were served.  We toasted with some bubbly and happily the cork flew through the air, past the tree, down the hill and landed somewhere without breaking any windows.


Happy Birthday Derek!  But where is Pat?

It looks like the Patio Girlz are off to great start … stay tuned!

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