Patio Girl down

May was a temperamental month with few opportunities for the Girlz to get together; however, we did manage to celebrate the birth of the Royal baby, Archie.

The celebration was somewhat marred by the absence of Kathy who choose to spend that particular Friday with the Porch Girls! Yes, you read that correctly, the Porch Girls and NOT the Patio Girls! (Let’s not talk about that!).

As I said, May was a temperamental month and unfortunately, Kathy fell and broke her ankle.  Thinking it was only a sprain she hobbled along for a few days before seeking out medical attention.  When she sent the photo of her leg in a cast, I knew the Patio Girlz were needed.  It was Friday after all, but more importantly, it was Kathy’s Birthday!  With her celebratory dinner plans squashed as she sat at home, leg  in cast, wondering when she would be able to go golfing next, the Patio Girlz arrived armed with birthday cheer!


In addition to her birthday present, she needed an extra large gin and tonic to cheer her up!!


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