No road is too long when you’re in good company…

It has been two weeks since our Patiogirlz road trip and I purposely waited to be the last one to write my thoughts about our trip in case I needed to defend myself.  Kathy didn’t name names but I think I might be one of the snorers and my husband would back her up 100%!


I have visited the east coast many times but experiencing the sites with the Girlz gave it a new perspective.   I was so excited for Pat as she was an East Coast Virgin; I loved Gwen’s excitement every time we saw a marker for the Trans Canada Trail and Kathy’s smile when she returned from her morning walks around Dalhousie Campus.  I loved when we each took a turn dancing in the lighted water feature in Quebec City; except Pat.  It could have been at that moment she realized this may be one of many embarrassing moments to come.


My highlight of the trip happened in Inverness.   Gwen and I were entering the Co-op where two women, who were in a conversation, stopped mid-sentence and looked my way and said “Oh my God, she looks just like Cookie”.  That would be Cookie Rankin, from The Rankin Family, musical group from Mabou, just up the road.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the car to tell Kathy and Pat about my new celebrity status but what followed were fits of laughter as Pat said “Cookie Who? Cookie Monster”.

As silly as most of our antics are; we laughed till our bellies hurt or peed our pants! Ten days of laughter and friendship; memories I will treasure always! I just can’t wait to get on the road again!


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