Happy Thanksgiving

The Patio Girlz took a break from our Friday night patio since we returned from the East Coast. Work, family and other fall activities (painting bedrooms, hosting parents, family birthdays and bringing in the geraniums before the first frost) kept us away from the patio.  The pouring rain didn’t help either!

Today was the last farmers market of the year.  I enjoy the farmers market and will pull myself out of bed early on Saturday mornings in order to buy fresh baking, preserves, and produce.  I don’t do this alone, Patio Pat is usually up and ready to go when I call with my 5 minute warning.

This morning when the market opened at 8am, it was raining.  Not an inconvenient drizzle but a full out rain.  Water poured off the tents, produce nicely arranged in bushel baskets were re-washed, and only a few hardy shoppers could be seen moving through the stalls.  If I didn’t have my heart set on fresh vegetables and baking for Thanksgiving, I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep.

Dressed in rain gear off we went to market in search of festive produce for the Thanksgiving table on Sunday.

Once the shopping was complete we needed to recover over a cup of java at #CoffeePublic where we began to plot our next adventure. Wait until the other Patio Girlz hear….

Rumor has it that #FrostedFlour, a new bakery in town, has the ‘best ever’ donuts. Pat and I felt strongly that we needed to test out this theory, so off we went.  Apparently, many others had heard the rumor as the store was full and we had to wait outside!  Not only were the donuts a work of art (sorry no pixs), I can heartily agree that the Chocolate Lovers donut truly is the ‘best ever’. I think I will try the butter tart donut next.

Frosted Flour is a popular spot! The last day for the Port Hope Farmers’ Market

Patio Pat is game for almost anything, rain or shine.  This is one of the things I love about her. Similarly, Tracey and Kathy also embrace the crazy moments, the silliness, and bring their own kind of wit to everything we do.

Reflecting back on our road trip, I feel a deep sense of gratitude to have the Patio Girlz, Pat, Tracey and Kathy, in my life to share what ever comes our way.

Happy Thanksgiving and Cheers Patio Girlz!!

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