A Journey is Best Measured in Friends, Rather than Miles.

And so our trip is done and what will I remember the most?   I will remember the giggles, the chuckles, and the side-splitting laughter.  The birthplace of the mermaids, the mysterious message on the beach, the car karaoke, and the many other times when we were breathless in our hilarity.  Thanks to my friend Tracey for always being able to set me off with just a certain look.

Now, don’t get me started, Tracey!

I will remember the enthusiasm with which we greeted each day and every side trip, whether our feet and legs were dead tired or whether we were wilted from the heat or chilled by the northerly winds.  Thanks to my friend and official trip photographer Gwen, who was almost always the first of us to greet a new place, scenic view, or opportunity with a passion that we could easily get caught up in.

Another lovely selfie by Gwen.

I will remember the surprising outbursts from my friend Pat, the quietest one of the bunch, who would catch me off guard with her witticisms or insights.  We shared a lot of knowing looks in the back seat of the car, while we motored along the highways and byways.  I’ll remember her accounting skills, her widely-varied wardrobe (jealous!), and her lack of snoring when we shared a room (unlike others I won’t mention).  And although this photo is hardly flattering,  I’ll never forget our joint response to Tracey at the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, when she wanted to take our picture one more time…. (sorry Pat, I couldn’t resist)

It was Pat’s idea!

I will remember Peter Webster, the friend I got to visit after thirty years apart.  It seems like just awhile ago that we shared classes in the Killam and beer at the Grad House. And I will remember the new people I met and would loved to have time to get to talk to longer and to know better.  Among them were: Tracey’s aunt Rita and uncle Steven from Oromocto, The Salmon Arm Girlz, the Bluenose Golf Club employee in Lunenburg, Michael at Lunenburg Bound Books,  the librarian at the Halifax Public Library (who took time to talk to Tracey and I about their young adults/teens programs and services),  Robert at the Curious Collector, Cape Breton Highlands Golf Club member Joe, Jennifer our St. Ann’s Bay airbnb host (whom I never met in person but am sure I would like), Peggy McPhee from Mabou, the Farmer’s Daughter market employee (who insisted I should take a chair when I asked her what minimum wage is in Nova Scotia — I thought I might need a job there because it seemed we were buying so much stuff one of us would have to stay behind), the family from Auckland, New Zealand at the Lobster Galley restaurant, and John Michael Wall at the MacAskill Museum.

kd and peggy mcphee
Me and Peggy McPhee

And finally, I will remember all of the people who liked our facebook posts or followed our blog.  You are our friends too, and we sure are glad you came along for the ride……

The title of this post is a quote from travel writer, Tim Cahill.  Thanks for summing it up so nicely, Tim.

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