And we are home! The Adventures of a Patiogirl.

Well we are back! ALL safe, sound and accounted for. We didn’t leave anyone on the side roads, even though there were some close calls, like when Tracey and Gwen decided to park us in some random driveway and run across the road to take yet another picture. Day 8

Anyone who knows me, knows how I dislike having my picture taken. As you can see from our blog……I gave up on that by day 3 after the mermaids made an entrance. I figured I better take some control as it was going to happen anyway. I learnt that Gwen and Tracey will take pictures of anyone and anything including random red chairs.20180920_111915

I absolutely enjoyed every moment of our adventures, so I won’t  choose just one of our super packed days of fun and laughter, ooohs! aaahs! and walking AND WALKING!

Being a bit of a History buff I absolutely relished  in the history related with this part of our country. The Titanic Museum, Pier 1,  The Old Quebec City, Lunenburg and on and on….

I met my new best friend Rita on this trip. Rita and her husband Steven entertained us twice. Thank you so much Rita and Steven. It was great meeting you. See you soon.

It really and truly was an awe inspiring journey. Please read our blog and walk through our travels with us.


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