Day 8 The Celtic Shore

Today was our last day in Cape Breton. Believe it or not we are still talking to each other! However, there were a few tense but humorous moments early in the day when we parked in a driveway and Tracey and Gwen walked across the road to take pictures of a beautiful calm reflective bay. Suddenly, they heard the car drive off and they were left behind with Kathy and Pat heading down the road. Eventually our jokesters returned for us and we set off again.

It was a toe tapping kind of day, with the Patio Girlz travelling the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail and stopping at the #CelticMusicCentre located in Judique. This centre highlights the history and practice of Celtic music on Cape Breton. In their exhibit room, they offer fiddle and step dance lessons by video, which Kathy and Gwen attempted. They didn’t ask us to perform at the lunch time show, so maybe we still need to practice a little!

The Celtic coast has some amazing beaches and sand dunes and the Patio Girlz spent most of the sunny afternoon beachcombing and wading in the ocean. They also checked out a few shots by golfers at the Cabot Links golf course in Inverness, which runs right along the beach. Apparently we spent too much time searching for treasure, because Tracey loaded down the car with pretty beach rocks!

Today we saw 5 bald eagles, a fox, and several grouse, but still no moose, although we did almost get to take a roadkill grouse home until Gwen swerved at the last moment.

We finished our day with dinner at St. Anne’s Lobster Galley over looking the Bay.

A fine meal with fine friends..until Kathy jumped up and left the table to meet some new folks from Auckland New Zealand. She chatted up a local man on the way out.


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