Day 5 South Shore, Nova Scotia

The Patio Girlz ventured out of Halifax to the South Shore today. After significant discussion on the merits of starting at Peggy’s Cove and finishing at Lunenburg vs the reverse order, we chose to start at Lunenburg and work our way back to avoid the cruise ship day excursions that start at Peggy’s Cove.

Our first stop was the Bluenose Golf Course across the Bay from the Lunenburg waterfront where we went to take in the view. Kathy would loved to have played the nine hole course with the ladies league but sadly her clubs didn’t fit in the car and were left at home. Instead Kathy chatted with a Club employee about the course and picked up a ball marker.

Lunenburg is a hilly seaside town with buildings in stunning colours from the maritime pallet and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Girlz parked strategically to minimize the number of steep hills to climb. We wandered the streets exploring the shops for maritime treasures.

Our next stop was Mahone Bay, another quaint seaside village. We enjoyed a lovely seafood lunch at #Rebecca’s, sitting on the patio looking over the Bay with its vista of three churches and more colourful wooden buildings.

Our final stop was #Peggy’s Cove, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province. The good news was that, as we drove in, five tour buses were leaving; the bad news was it started to drizzle! We Patio Girlz are a hearty bunch and headed for the lighthouse wearing our matching hoodies.

The drizzle turned to rain and we weren’t able to explore the village so we headed back to Halifax for a late dinner.

Tomorrow we head for Cape Breton and its famous seaside trail.

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