Day 4 Halifax

Another hot sunny day in Halifax. The #Patio Girlz started the day with a walk through the #Halifax Public Garden, a traditional Victoria Garden. Many of the flowers were still in full bloom and beautiful.

Pat felt she was back in Guyana at the Botanical gardens. She looked for the Manatees but found this weird looking goose. Apparently it is a Toulouse Goose that lives in the park.

Meanwhile, on the waterfront still no viewing of Paul McCartney. However over at Pier 21, the Patio Girlz met our west coast counterparts, a group of four women from Salmon Arm, BC. They seemed to be having a lot of fun too!

We finally had our first east coast seafood at #Murphy’s down on the waterfront. Lobster rolls, chowder, and fish and chips went great with the “Tall Ship Lemonade”. As we enjoyed our drinks and meals we were greeted by the Salmon Arm Girlz on their way by.

Not as many laughs today as we learned more about two devastating marine disasters: the sinking of the Titanic and the Halifax explosion. Seeing the rows of grave stones of the Titanic victims at the cemetery caused us all to reflect on how precious life is.

The journey continues tomorrow with a trip to the South Shore. Please stay tuned.

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