Day 3 Under the Sea

The Patio Girlz left the Burton Estates after a night glamping in Oromocto, New Brunswick and headed to Hopewell Rocks. Thanks to Rita and Steven for their hospitality and introducing us to the best bakery buns and scones in the area. Nothing like a good carb feast to ensure a good night sleep.

Hopewell Rocks, located on the Bay of Fundy, boasts the highest tides in the world and was our first stop of the day. We arrived at low tide and walked on the ocean floor.

There were plenty of opportunities to spot mermaids amongst the seaweed and rocks. Check out these mer people!

From Hopewell we headed to Nova Scotia where Gwen incurred the wrath of the Gaelic gods by driving on the grass in front of the lighthouse welcome sign. We made a speedy exit and headed to Kathy’s old stomping grounds – Halifax.

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