Day 2 Bonjour mes amis

What a spectacular day in the old city of Quebec. From the Chateau Frontenac to the Citadel, to the walls of the old city, we admired the architecture and beautiful flower window boxes.

We toe tapped to traditional French Canadian music in the Place- Royale during which Kathy’s happy feet almost had her leaping into the crowds to dance.

We walked up hill (both ways) in search of the quintessential Quebec crepe! We were not disappointed. We had savoury crepes with meat vegetables and cheese and then devoured what was left of Pat’s dessert crepe with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate. Pat had the best idea and skipped the savoury crepe and went straight for the dessert crepe.

Remembering a treat I had from a family trip to Quebec City, I dragged the Patio Girlz to a small shop that sells soft maple twist ice cream. Maple sugar is placed in the bottom of the cone and sprinkled on the ice cream. A define YUMmmm.

Back across the river by ferry to Levis and to a hot car. We are on the road again…New Brunswick here we come!

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