The Girlz Head West

Our day trip to the Celadon, Ontario area included a stop at the Cheltenham Badlands.

To access the viewing platform from the parking lot, there is a short walk along the sidewalk or a slightly longer walk through the forest. We chose the forest trail which is also part of the long distance Bruce Trail hiking trail.

The views over the Badlands did not disappoint. According to the interpretation panels, the European farmers cleared the land for crops and livestock from the 1850’s. By the 1900’s the thin topsoil layer was gone exposing the Queenston shale below. Mother Nature did the rest with rain, snow, sun and wind, eroding the shale and creating the ridges and gully’s we see today. It is truly a geological gem in southern Ontario.

Since we were in the neighborhood, sort of, the Girlz headed over to the Schitt’s Creek Rosebud Motel to ask Moire for fashion advice!

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