Summer BBQs and Music

Summer would be incomplete without outdoor live music and BBQs. The Patio Girlz strayed from our patios and enjoyed a Saturday night out helping to raise funds for a local community project. The Friends of Wesleyville hosted this fund raising BBQ and one of our Girlz was in the thick of it helping to organize the event and volunteers and serving the buffet style meal. For those of you that are not familiar with community or church dinners, you are missing out!

In addition to the burgers, there was a variety of summer salads available such as kale, pasta, potato, Caesar, bean, and spinach. To round it all off, there was a variety of sweets for dessert including carrot cake, chocolate cake and fruit pies. A summer feast where the food always seems to taste better when consumed outside.

Sitting at long tables in front of the Wesleyville School

Fitting to the ambiance, a local group of musicians played throughout the event. Music concerts have been in short supply over the last two years, so listening to live music really added to the enjoyment of the evening for this Patio Girl.

A huge thank you to the Friends of Wesleyville Village for an enjoyable summer BBQ! If you wish to find out more about the Friends check out their website at

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