On The Road Again

As I set out on a fall canoe camping trip in Algonquin Park, I received a facebook memory from Patio Girlz Tracey showing the Girlz in Quebec City, one of our many stops on our 2018 road trip. I may not be travelling with my Girlz on this trip to Algonquin Park, but they are certainly in my thoughts. I wonder how they would make out on a three day canoe trip…we will probably never know!

My canoe trip started in Algonquin Park at Access 5 on iconic Canoe Lake. A starting point for a number of interior canoe trips in the park. It is also famous as the site of the mysterious death of Tom Thomson, Canadian painter in 1917. There are several theories as to why an accomplished outdoors man and canoeist would be found drowned in the lake and this mystery is certainly a part of park lore. There is a memorial cairn on the lake that we paddled to on our way back..more on that later.


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